Women with a passion for rescue.

Its all about the animals.

We are a group of women, passionate about animal rescue.  Partners for Paws Texarkana is a 501(c)3 organization.

All about Helping.

Partners for Paws to help those in need.

Partners for Paws Texarkana was originally formed in 2014 as Texarkana Friends of the Shelter, a 501(c)3 organization.  Following confusion regarding our name and that of our local animal shelter, we chose to make a change in 2016.

We are a select group of people from all walks of life - our common bond being a genuine concern for animal welfare. The work we do is not for everyone. Many who start out with us will find it difficult to continue due to the many emotionally challenging aspects of volunteering with animals in need. More times than one can imagine, the appalling condition of animals is shocking; and yet the animals continue to give back unconditional love - their spirits are truly amazing.


One rewarding aspect of what we do involves community service. This includes:


  • Sponsoring animal education and welfare awareness programs in our local schools to educate future animal owners.
  • Coordinating spay/neuter surgeries for low-income families through our own programs as well as those with the Texarkana Animal League and Texarkana Humane Society.
  • Participating in local parades and festivals to promote the work we do.
  • At least one annual creative fundraising project.


The work we do is solely funded by private donations. And we're extremely proud to say that 100% of all donations go toward the work we do for the animals. We consider everything that comes our way in the form of assistance a blessing.


As volunteers, we share many wonderful moments with the animals and their adoptive families. This keeps us focused and on task toward meeting our goals.

Fur Ball -You are going to love it.

Music, food, fun, silent and live auctions.